The worst passwords of 2020: Have you used any?

For some years now, we have been very used to listening to the most knowledgeable of the digital world that security is very important in order to prevent attacks, data theft or Internet spoofing. For that, and increasingly, it is necessary that the passwords that we use every day in the Different services must be strong, confidential and above all secure.

But it seems that there are many people in the world who still do not give importance to internet security and tend to neglect the level of security of their passwords on a daily basis. It is not by chance to hear from someone close or read on the news that Your identity has been spoofed, or money has been stolen from your card. This means that your passwords were not entirely secure.

We have often heard the recommendations of experts regarding the level of security that our credentials must have to enter any website that requires identification. Passwords such as the mobile number, or the DNI, or those that provide our data such as our name, date of birth or even card pinThey are not recommended at all to register on any internet portal.

The worst of 2020

Like every year, the NordPass company, one of the organizations dedicated to managing passwords in the world, has published its annual report presenting those that they have been the worst passwords of 2020. These passwords have been used by real users to register on any page or social network on the internet, and they have put their data in real danger every day.

This list has many of the examples that we should not use to choose our password. Sometimes it is better to stop for a while and put a more original and complicated password, which includes uppercase, lowercase, signs and numbers, and then write it down to remember it, than to opt for the easy and put a password that could jeopardize our privacy.

As has become customary in recent years, there are already classic passwords that are not highly recommended to choose from, such as «123456» or those formed by the closest keyboard commands: «qwertyuiop “or” asdfghjkl “.

Within this list, classics such as “password” also appear in the first positions, “Picture1” this time with the variation of 1, “abc123”, or one of the most recurrent when not thinking too much about our password: “0000000”.

From the NordPass company itself, they point out that these types of passwords, which can be difficult for the normal user, specialized hackers can decrypt them in less than 3 hours. For this reason, the company itself continues to advise that passwords do not have confidential personal data, have more than 12 characters, use more than one password, combine different types of characters as numbers, uppercase, lowercase, and change it every three months at least.

These are the 20 passwords that have topped this list:

1. 123456

2. 123456789

3. picture1

4. password

5. 12345678

6. 111111

7. 123123

8. 12345

9. 1234567890

10. senha


12. qwerty

13. abc123

14. Million2

15. 000000

16. 1234

17. iloveyou

18. aaron431

19. password1

20. qqww1122

It is striking that after these first 20 most used passwords and that we should not repeat, then more passwords of dubious quality appear, such as «123», «123456a», «666666» or words like “ashley,” “princess,” “dragon,” and “pokemon.”

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