There are gadgets and wearables made in Spain that are very interesting

Spain has not traditionally been a country characterized by high technological development. However, this started to change a few years ago. Right now, Spain exports technology and is capable of sell gadgets to other countries. Although our level has been rising, at the moment there are only two products that are standing out outside our borders. We show you what they are and why they are successful. Take a look at them, because they may interest you.

These are gadgets and wearables made in Spain

Neki Bracelet

The solution for the elderly and children, that is, those who cannot fully care for themselves. Neki is a Spanish company that has been at the forefront of these products for several years. Thanks to them, who wears the bracelet gain autonomy, and the caregivers in tranquility. They have a good range of solutions adapted to any need. Neki has managed to launch a good range of gadgets that meet the demands of younger and older users. The person in charge can permanently monitor the wearer of the bracelet or pendant in an app. A good idea to guarantee your safety and our peace of mind.


In Spain we are standing out for the health sector. Good proof of this is Nuubo, which makes available to those who need it a textile product capable of recording permanent monitoring of the patient. In this way, you can perform an ECG test or detect a cardiogenic syndrome. This device has an autonomy of up to 30 days and can be used perfectly so that your doctor can give more accurate and analyze all the variables that it throws up. If there is something that characterizes the product it provides, without the need to carry heavy equipment. The results are analyzed through a specific software that responds to the name of nECG SUITE. It should also be emphasized that it can be used by those who exercise and want to prevent possible anomalies that put them in serious danger from the point of view of health.

And although for the moment this is all that can be offered, Spain continues to bet on trying to catch up with other countries. Gone are initiatives such as that of BQ, which came to obtain a 10% market share in 2015. The good times will return, although it is very difficult to compete on equal terms with countries like China. BQ is the paradigm of what could be and did not end up being.

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