This $ 2,000 Super Mario smartwatch is just what you’re looking for

Only 2,000 units of this device will be made.

There is life beyond the Apple Watch. Despite the fact that Apple’s smartwatch is the best-selling in the world, there are many alternatives on the market. Some cheaper, others much more expensive.

A clear example is the smart watch that we bring you below. It is from the TAG Heuer brand, it has a Super Mario design and as you can imagine, it is not cheap at all. And if that weren’t enough … only 2,000 units will be made!

The smart watch –and very expensive– from Super Mario that you would surely like to have

Mario’s smartwatch will be expensive and limited edition

TAG Heuer is not new to smartwatches. While their devices are not cheap at all, The truth is that they have a really exquisite taste when it comes to designing them. A clear example is the TAG Heuer Connected 45 “Golf Edition, ideal for golf lovers.

This time it is a Super Mario Bros-themed smartwatch, the mythical Nintendo character, the protagonist of countless games, with red touches and star or mushroom icons on the dial. The funny thing is that the more active the user is, the animations will change, which makes this an ideal device for lovers of the mustachioed plumber.

As we read in Android Police, inside we find a Wear 3100 processor, a 430 mAh battery, an OLED screen covered in sapphire crystal and we imagine although it is not confirmed, that it will arrive with the current version of Wear OS.

And now is when the bad comes. Because the watch is really beautiful and if you are Mario and Nintendo lovers, surely you would like to be able to buy one. Well, on the one hand TAG Heuer will only manufacture 2,000 units of this device. On the other hand, Each of these watches will cost a staggering $ 2,000. Do you still want to have it? Well, you can get hold of it on the official TAG Heuer website and know that it will come with two straps, one in black leather for everyday use and the other in red silicone for when we do sports with it.

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