What is Gearbest ?: Products, prices and opinions

The evidence cannot be denied, electronic purchases do not stop gaining ground compared to traditional commerce, at least for a wide variety of products. Amazon and Aliexpress dominate the market in this regard, with millions of shipments made daily. However, the Gearbest portal, which appeared in 2013, is increasingly popular. Is it advisable to buy there? What are your strengths and weaknesses? We analyze Gearbest, a portal that may be interesting.

This is Gearbest, the alternative to Aliexpress

Gearbest aims to become the leading portal for the sale of technological products. However, it is something that is too difficult, since Ali express achieves what no one else does, offering very low prices for most of its products. But you shouldn’t lose your eye with Gearbest. One of the main reasons why we are interested in buying on this portal is that most of its products have free shipping. Yes, you read that correctly, you will not have to pay anything to receive them. For example, we find products that have a relatively high price, such as a robot vacuum cleaner for about € 150. Having it at your home will only cost you one euro more, a not unreasonable price, with the guarantee in addition to having priority equipment shipment, in which we ensure a tracking number.

What products are on Gearbest?

This portal is specialized in technological products, so if you want to buy a card, a smart watch or a mobile phone at a very competitive price, there is no doubt that this site is for you. But not only technology products are ordered from GearbestWithin its catalog are products such as men’s and women’s clothing, items for your car and objects for your home and garden. It does not have the same Ali express variety, but to tell the truth, it is a fairly complete portal.

Is it safe to buy on Gearbest?

Yes, it is a secure platform with the advantage that you can make your payments through PayPal. In this way, and as a buyer, you always have the protection offered by the North American platform. In the same way, you can also make your payments by debit or credit card.

So that your experience is always positive, you will have to look at the delegations that the sellers have that are on this platform. Also, if you are used to using Aliexpress, using Gearbest is not going to be a problem for you. They are quite similar.

Gearbest’s strengths

And perhaps payment through PayPal is one of its main values, since we know that this platform always puts itself on the side of the buyer in case of any kind of inconvenience. Another very interesting prop from Gearbest has continuous support via chat. This is a very favorable point when it comes to knowing the status of your order or if there is any type of noteworthy incident. To do this, you must use English as the language of communication.

We also highlight that this portal has already managed to make a name for itself, which attracts the attention of serious sellers who see in this portal a way to offer their products. The prices may not be as competitive as those found on Aliexpress, but it is also possible to buy very cheaply and with non-existent or really low shipping costs.

Finally, the shipping time of the products It is also usually smaller, since on Aliexpress, all those who come from China do not usually take less than 10 days to reach Spain.

Gearbest’s weaknesses

This portal does not stand out for having excessive negative points. The only drawback that we find and that is more remarkable is that it is not in Spanish. It has the possibility of translating everything through the Google translator, but this only serves to get an idea of ​​the characteristics of the products. We already know that automatic translators do not offer a very fine-tuned service.

For the rest, we recommend that you take a look all the products found on this platform. It is a very interesting alternative to Aliexpress, with the advantage of being able to pay through PayPal. Gearbest is a rising value that should not be lost sight of, since it is a very serious portal, with products at competitive prices and very reasonable delivery times.

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