What the new Honda HR-V looks like in person and why the brand needed it

The third generation of Honda hr-v It was presented at the beginning of the year and raised a lot of expectation. It is the small SUV of the Japanese brand and it sits on a new platform to bring a good number of novelties. Its arrival in the Spanish market is scheduled for February 2022, but we have already seen in person a pre-series unit of this issue. So we are going to tell you the first conclusions.

First of all, we must mention the presence of this Honda HR-V. It becomes official that it maintains practically the same dimensions than the previous model, having a length of 4.33 meters and a width of 1.77 meters, while its height is reduced by 20 mm to stay at 1.58 meters. That movement comes to improve its aesthetics and give a certain air of coupe to this body.

And the truth is that the design is one of the points that changes the most in the new HR-V. On the front, the most characteristic is the body-colored integrated grille, which has a semi-faded appearance that attracts a lot of attention. The bumpers and optics are completely renewed, with new LED headlights. On the side there are also some 18 inch wheels new design.

The rear wants to evoke those coupe shapes that we mentioned through the drop of the roof and the shape of the C-pillar. It is precisely in this area that the door handles are integrated. The taillights they evolve remarkably and present a well recognizable light signature thanks to their shapes and to being united by the middle. It is finished off by a rear diffuser in black and a silver bumper similar to the one on the front.

The inside Honda’s third-generation HR-V also undergoes some changes. We are facing a pre-series unit and that means that changes could be made before its arrival in production. Precisely it gives us the feeling that some materials could be replaced, as the dashboard has a touch not too successful taking into account European quality standards. The technology It looks to be up-to-date and up-to-date, with its 9-inch main screen (50% faster) and digital instrumentation, although we could not check it 100% either.

What most caught the attention of the cabin of this crossover is the generous space that it offers in its squares. The rear ones stand out above all, which are wider than in most rivals in the segment and offer guarantees to travel. It has benefits such as Honda Magic Seats and that peculiar way of folding the seat up to improve the cargo space. The trunk is also very well achieved and could be around 470 liters of its predecessor (the figure has not yet been confirmed).

Although probably the main novelty of this specimen is that its mechanical range is limited to a unique hybrid mechanics. It is the Honda HR-V e: HEV and uses a 1.5-liter Atkinson cycle engine together with a small electrical block. The gasoline mechanics is located under the hood next to the electric drive and the control unit, while the battery is in the rear to favor weight distribution. The hybrid develops 131 hp and 253 Nm of torque, power similar to that of its predecessor, but with a notable increase in torque.

The driving experience It will be different from what has been experienced before, since the hybrid system will work in several non-selectable modes depending on the needs. The intelligent system will be most of the time in Hybrid mode, in which the combustion engine provides energy to the generator that powers the electric motor. There is also a purely electric EV mode in which the energy stored in the battery is used and an Engine mode in which the clutch is engaged and the gasoline engine directly drives the wheels.

Another section in which a lot of work has been done in the HR-V is security. This model will have all the driving aids that go inside the package Honda sensing, standing out in this aspect above the competition. Still have to wait for know the rest of the technical data, as well as their prices. The first units will arrive in Europe at the end of the year, but their arrival in Spain will be in February 2022.

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