WhatsApp now allows you to join calls at any time

Group calls have become, in the last year and a half, a tremendously popular channel, and services such as WhatsApp have been quickly launched to incorporate them into their catalog of functions, in the case of those who did not yet have it, and to improve it in many aspects. From improving its quality to allowing more participants, anything goes to improve a communication channel that has become an important alternative to the meetings that, for a long time and except for specific moments, we cannot maintain.

One of the services that has undoubtedly enjoyed great popularity this year and a half has been WhatsApp, which a few months ago, the way these conversations are started has improved substantially (at first it was necessary to open a conversation with a second person, and then add the other participants one by one), allowing calls to be made directly to a group of users, and also brought the service to WhatsApp Web (in its beta version, yes).

And today we know of another novelty, which seems singularly successful. And it is that, as we can read in the official blog of the service, WhatsApp already allows people to join a group call at any time. In this way, when you access a group that you are part of, you can see that there is a video call in progress and which people are participating in it. To join you will only have to press a button and you will be inside it.

It is important, yes, to have been invited to participate, otherwise you will not be able to access even if you want to. And if the notification of the group call has reached you at a time when you could not attend it and you have decided to ignore it, WhatsApp will still allow you to join later. And if you are wondering, yes, if you leave the call you can also re-enter as many times as necessary … or until the rest of the interlocutors tell you that enough is enough, of course.

Join Calling Feature Available Today, according to the WhatsApp communication, from which we deduce that it has undergone a fairly reduced testing phase and that it must have been quite effective. So, in theory if you want you could establish a call right now, and access at any time should already work.

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