Which browser consumes less resources from your computer?

Since the beginning of the home Internet, we have always needed browsers to be able to access content. Remember the old Internet Explorer or Netscape? They no longer exist as such, but have evolved into other types of products. But come up with a browser that consumes the least possible resources it is always a necessity if our equipment is not properly optimized.

The browser, what is it?

A web browser is nothing more than a simple program that allows access to the different content on the internet. Beyond the popular Chrome or Mozilla, there is an extensive range of them developed by small companies and that give a lot of play.

The problem when using a browser is that our team has become somewhat old and we need a browser that is capable of showing us the contents in a reasonable time and yesin slowing down the computer.

Although the most advisable thing is to always increase the RAM memory of the computer, a browser with low cost characteristics will allow us to make use of the equipment without too much trouble.

Therefore, we invite you to discover what are the browsers that use fewer resources and that are at your disposal for free.


It is an old acquaintance, as it is as popular as Google Chrome, although users have preferred this over the first. It has been providing for many years good browsing experiences in teams that tend to be a bit fair in performance.

In its favor, it has a pleasant and easy-to-use interface and best of all, a free VPN to be able to navigate relocating your connection. For that reason, Opera is widely used in those countries where using a VPN is almost a basic requirement to access social networks or certain content, as in China. You can download it from this link for any operating system.

Avant Browser

The name probably sounds familiar to you, since it was developed by a security company. It has a multitude of interesting options, and boasts of being very fast and low-cost. Offers a built-in ad blocker, as well as the ability to download the displayed videos automatically. Likewise, filter Flash animations, which are mostly advertisements, so you don’t have to worry about anything. You can download it here and try it, it sure catches your attention.


An interesting project that claims to be the browser that consumes the least resources today. It has options such as an integrated cloud, being very secure, end-to-end encrypted information, and the development team ensures that your information will not be sold or transferred to third parties. Another favorable point, it is multiplatform, and you can download it from here. His minimalist look It seems to be one of its assets for those who wish to navigate, period.


Small and fast browser, ideal for those looking for a simple and efficient development. Its creators have thought of a browser that consumes very little and is multiplatform. It ensures from its own website that it is capable of working on computers with a 30MHz ARM 6 with 16 MB of RAM, something that will have to be seen, but it is still a good statement of intent. Try it from this link and be amazed.

But I don’t want to get out of the classics

The classic trio of standardized browsers make it up Edge, Mozilla and Chrome. At some distance is Safari, which is developed by Apple and is practically exclusive for these computers.

The other 3 are who share the cake of internet browsing, so surely your computer has one of them installed. But choosing the least resource consuming leaves one in the lurch, specifically Google Chrome.

Yes, the Mountain View browser is very powerful and has many useful extensions, but it is a huge RAM eater. If your team is somewhat fair, Chrome is not a good option as a browser, which would leave the choice between Edge and Mozilla. To do? Well, if your computer on Windows, it would use Edge, since it has extreme compatibility, although combining it with Mozilla, which boasts of spending up to 30% less RAM than Chrome.

But of course, what one has, another does not have, so our recommendation is that use one of them as main leaving the other as reserve or to use it with options that usually present problems when executing them, does it sound familiar to you to install the DNI-e certificates? But we also recommend that you do not be afraid with the list of browsers with few resources that we have made, which always come in handy and are an excellent alternative. Also, passing data as bookmarks from one to another is very easy. Not everything is black or white, there is a good gray palette that will improve your experience in a remarkable way.

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