Who was the winner of Season 11 of Nuestra Belleza Latina?

. Migbelis Castellanos was the winner of Season 11 of Nuestra Belleza Latina

In 2018, and after a year of hiatus, the reality show Nuestra Belleza Latina reached its 11th season, and for the Univision program, it was a real mess that was loaded with many changes, from beginning to end.

The reality show that premiered in 2007, when Mexican Alejandra Espinoza won, came to the screen, not at the beginning of the year, as was the case in the previous 10 seasons, but began in September, naming her new queen at the end of the year, on December 2.

Also, and for the first time since the program started, the famous and controversial Osmel Sousa, known as the greatest connoisseur of queens in the world, was not part of the jury panel.


Migbelis Castellanos wins the crown of Nuestra Belleza Latina 2018 | NBLamid tears and applause from the public, the Venezuelan received the crown from Clarissa Molina. After being declared the winner, Migbelis made her first official runway as the new queen of Nuestra Belleza Latina. #MigbelisCastellanos #NuestraBellezaLatina # NBL2018 #ClarissaMolina SUBSCRIBE: Visit the official site: Follow us: FB: IG: TW: 03T06: 00: 00Z

After more than 1,200 auditions, held in different cities of the United States, 50 shortlisted candidates were chosen, among which for the first time in the contest the concept of beauty that was being sought changed, and being now time, they allowed the participation of women with different sizes, shapes and styles.

Under the slogan: “no sizes, no limits, no excuses”, season 11 of the Univisión show became a success, and for the first time it was very inclusive, something that was highly applauded by the public, as more than a “Perfect figure”, as Osmel Sousa and the rest of the jurors from previous seasons used to look for, here the important thing was to find a woman who had the so-called “complete package”, without sticking to measures imposed on unique parameters on a physical level.

In the end, and after reducing the group of 50 girls to 30 and then to 10, who fiercely disputed, but much professionalism and thanks to the crown of the famous programs, the public chose the Venezuelan Migbels Castellanos as the winner.

The crown was presented by outgoing Queen Clarissa Molina of the Dominican Republic.

The former Miss Venezuela, who had previously competed in Miss Universe, where she reported having been abused by Osmel Sousa for gaining weight and maintaining her robust figure, was commissioned in the contest to defend curvy beauty, far of the measures established as “ideal”, which delighted everyone.

The second place went to Yaritza Owen, who also stole the affection of the public, showing that height does not determine the beauty of a woman at all, and that despite being a short queen, she had everything to be able to shine.


‘Without sizes, without limits and without excuses’: this is how the finale of Nuestra Belleza Latina 2018 began | NBLMigbelis Castellanos, Ceylin Rosario and Yaritza Owen will compete for the last time the long-awaited crown of Nuestra Belleza Latina, which gives the winner a place as the new presenter of #Univision #NuestraBellezaLatina # NBL2018 #finalnbl SUBSCRIBE: NBLSubscribe Visit the official site: Follow us: FB: IG: TW:

In the final gala, another one that shone like a starburst was the former Nuestra Belleza Latina Alejandra Espinoza, who dressed in a yellow dress, and 11 years after having won her crown, showed that she is still as beautiful as when won the title.

Alejandra for the first time became the official host of the Univisión reality show, and in her announcement of the winner she mentioned that Migbelis Castellanos obtained the support of 46% of the public’s votes.


Nuestra Belleza Latina 2018: Revelation of the new NBL set2018-10-03T23: 02: 21Z

In February 2017, after ten uninterrupted seasons each year, it was announced that the show would not air at that time and in May 2018 an announcement was made that it would return in September.

Currently Migbelis Castellanos continues to hold the title of Nuestra Belleza Latina, and has been the queen that has lasted the longest with the crown, which she will deliver this year, after the start of season 12 of Nuestra Belleza Latina, next month of September.

The return of the show has the fans of the contest very excited, who are eagerly awaiting the arrival of autumn to meet the participants who have already been chosen, through virtual cating that took place from the beginning of the year until the month of May.

In season 11 of Nuestra Belleza Latina, in addition to Migbelis Castellanos and Yaritza Owens, the group of 10 final selected was also composed of Elvira Reyes, Carmen Batiz, Brenda Smith, Vanessa Romo, Migbelis Castellanos, Ceylin Rosario, Nancy Alejandre, Nobiraida Infante and Andrea Bazarte

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