Why has WhatsApp blocked more than 2 million accounts massively?

In WhatsApp they have gotten serious with the chains of forwarded messages and the ‘fake news’, although that implies massively blocking millions of accounts and therefore millions of users.

A few weeks ago WhatsApp announced a new functionality that facilitated the review of your account in the event of a ban or any other type of temporary blockage, and we attest that that functionality will be quite necessary in the coming weeks and months, at least if the Menlo Park work continues to focus on delete accounts with questionable uses of the WhatsApp service.

In fact, it is that as various media are telling us in recent hours, WhatsApp has mass blocked more than 2 million accounts in India, and it has done so in a situation in which Joe Biden and his Administration have begun to directly accuse those responsible for social networks of being also accomplices of thousands of deaths for allowing the spread of false news around the planet related to the pandemic.

In its fight against ‘spam’ and ‘fake news’, WhatsApp has begun to block accounts en masse.

In the case of India, we have to talk about another fierce debate between the Government and WhatsApp, especially over the traceability of messages that are sent through an application that this emerging Asian country has its main market, adding more than 400 million users with a very high penetration rate.

In the midst of criticism from a multitude of governments, it seems that WhatsApp is already actively working against ‘fake news’ in various markets, starting by massively blocking more than 2 million accounts with misuse only in India.

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As it has transpired, WhatsApp would have rejected the requests of the Indian government to access and provide full traceability of all messages from its users, thus protecting their privacy, although it has begun to work aligning with the requests of the New Delhi administration to start tracking and blocking all kinds of misuse of the app in India.

That is how WhatsApp has blocked more than 2 million accounts announcing that more than 95% of them were banned for “unauthorized use of automated or massive messages”, in addition to registering in these accounts a “high and abnormal message rate”.

It should be remembered that WhatsApp had already implemented in India a few months ago a functionality that prevented sharing and forwarding the same message in bulk, thus avoiding the forwarding chains that are usually propagated with hoaxes or false information in a matter of minutes.

This review and blocking has not implied any break in the chain of privacy and security of the users, since artificial intelligence algorithms have been used to analyze user behavior without reading conversations or the content of the messages in any case, identifying suspicious accounts based on patterns of use, frequencies and behaviors within the service.

This is why we said that the request for account review function was going to be more necessary than ever! Be that as it may, the algorithm will not block you with normal use, so you will not have to worry, although it is true that globally WhatsApp blocks more than 8 million accounts every month And the number is increasing with so much misinformation and fake news swarming the Internet.

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