Windows 11 will have dark mode enabled by default

While we wait for the formal launch of Windows 11, week by week we learn more about the new operating system. One of the most recent novelties is related to the aesthetic section, since Microsoft will distribute the software with dark mode enabled by default.

The determination does not apply to all versions of Windows 11, so it will be available in this way only on some computers. The decision was confirmed through Melissa Grant, director of operating system marketing at the Redmond corporation.

The news was made public last week, during the Microsoft Inspire event. There, Grant made reference to the activation of the dark mode by default in the commercial versions of Windows 11. According to the executive, the decision was made as a measure to protect users’ eyesight.

“As we spend more and more time looking at bright screens, […] To give your eyes a rest, we’re going to ship all commercial Windows 11 SKUs with that beautiful dark mode turned on by default, “he said.

Windows 11 dark mode, the choice of choice for the public

Microsoft Windows 11 Dark Mode

When the first build of Windows 11 was leaked, it was not only the new focused taskbar that attracted attention. The color palette chosen for the light mode also impacted, following the unpopular line drawn in Windows 10. In fact, the initial screenshots showed a much nicer operating system when dark mode was activated. And the change was noticeable also in the transparencies.

The combination of black and dark gray in the graphical interface was much better received by users, compared to the choice of light gray and white, for the desktop, menu and windows.

Therefore, it is not surprising that Microsoft chooses to activate dark mode by default in certain versions of Windows 11. Beyond the good intention of protecting the eyes of its users, welcome is everything that makes the OS more attractive in the eyes of the public.

It is worth remembering that dark mode is not only available at the operating system level, whether it is Windows 10 or Windows 11. Other Microsoft applications, such as Office and Edge, also allow you to change the tonality of their graphical interface according to what each user prefers.

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