“You have to go with everything to a Games and compete to the fullest”

07/18/2021 at 6:56 PM CEST

After a two-year process to overcome an injury and at the age of 41, the 4th of Spain looks “with great enthusiasm that the moment arrives & rdquor ;. Get to Tokyo “it was one of my challenges, especially with this injury process that I have had, two years away from the slopes “, assures Pau, hours before the game against the United States.

“Being and competing in my fifth Olympic Games has been one of my motivations, the engine that has pushed me to continue working. Not many have succeeded in our country. In basketball there is Juan Carlos, who has also competed for them & mldr; I’m really looking forward to the time, to help the team and hopefully we can get a good result & rdquor ;.

The historical ‘4’ of Spain values ​​with its perspective that “Winning the Olympic Games, an Olympic medal, is not easy at all. Great teams go, everyone wants to win, do well, give joy to their country. And you have to give it the credit it has & rdquor ;.

With desire and enthusiasm

One step away from Tokyo, he assures that “We go with enthusiasm, with enthusiasm and with humility, and I hope things turn out well for us. We have a good team, as it usually is in our case, and we are going to try take advantage of a unique opportunity, to play the Olympic Games, you never know how many you are going to play, so you have to go all out and compete to the max & rdquor ;.

In the final stretch of his long and brilliant career as a professional athlete, Pau is clear that “Each stage in life has its beauty and its positive side and they have to savor each one of them. Now I am in my last years as a player and they are transmitting knowledge, acting as a mentor and perhaps not having as much prominence on the court as a player in terms of productivity as I have been able to have in the past, but it is time to pass the torch, the relay. Everything is a cycle in life and I am enjoying this facet, to inspire and motivate young people who come with strength as I was at the time & rdquor;

In short, after so many years and successes “I feel very privileged to have played so many years and to continue at this level after the tour that I have had. There have been many championships, many adventures and most of them have ended very well. I am satisfied with the work done and the groups I have been part of & rdquor ;, he concluded.

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