4 external batteries that you can buy on Aliexpress

An external battery or powerbank is nothing more than a large battery that has the property of storing electrical energy, which is taken from a socket. There are even those that can be recharged by solar or kinetic energy. So we have searched 4 external batteries from Aliexpress so you can always have your gadgets full and do not get hung up.

4 external batteries that you can buy on Aliexpress

50000mAh solar charger

Nothing less than 50,000 mAh, a real outrage that allows you charge an iPhone 12 Pro Max about 10 times. We liked this models because they have a solar panel, which can charge the battery when you are outdoors.

It is also versatile, because iIncludes an LED light with SOS function, and the edges are reinforced with silicone. And although it is not much use, it has a carabiner with a small compass. Available in 6 colors, it has a price of about 9 euros.

10000 mAh External Battery

With a weight of 216 grams and a capacity of 10,000 mAh, it is the ideal external battery that combines an adequate weight to carry it in your bag or backpack, along with good performance. It has 4 ports, 2 UCB-A, the normal one, one USB-C and one micro USB. It is a good proposal to consider, available in black and white and priced at 10 euros. We liked a lot.

2,200 mAh battery

This battery is, it can be said, the minimum that is shipped, since it has 2,200 mAh. That is, you will not be able to fully charge your phone, but you can revive it. Also, keep in mind that external batteries charge many devices. It can be used for your sports camera, whose battery does not have much capacity. It is available in 2 colors, red and blue, and has a USB-A port. Ideal for the bag, its price does not reach 6 euros.

10,000 mAh mini battery

We close our proposal with a medium capacity battery, which allows you to charge a standard phone almost 3 times. Its compact size makes it ideal for those who do not want to carry weight and use it daily. Despite its small size, it has 4 different outputs and 2 charging ports. In addition, its LED indicates the percentage of capacity that it has left of charge. To top it off, a very elegant design and a price of 11.50 euros. A proposal that we have loved.

These 4 proposals for external batteries from Aliexpress. Remember that delivery times from China have been shortened a lot, so you can have these products at home in a few days.

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