6 risks of new technologies

New technologies have become increasingly important in the world. The Internet is the most widely used means of transmission of information and communication. It has become an indispensable tool for a large part of human beings, because they facilitate daily life. But just as it has many benefits, in several areas it can also bring some risks. Because it is used by most adults and children, it is essential to know some risks of new technologies.

Network dependency

The main risk lies in abusing or depending on the network: Currently, 91.8% of children between 10 and 15 years old use the Internet on a regular basis. They are a vulnerable group when it comes to the internet. Using it occasionally is normal, but when it becomes a constant need that interferes with daily life it becomes a problem. This addiction can have different consequences such as social isolation.

New technologies facilitate cyberbullying or cyberbullying. It is defined as the harassment of a minor through the internet. Includes blackmail, teasing, threats, and name calling. For the person who suffers it, it is a very difficult situation to face. It produces low self-esteem, depression, social isolation and in severe cases even suicide.

Technology risks

Sexting and grooming

Sexting is based on sending suggestive or erotic messages or photos through social networks or in any other way. It is a practice among adolescents that generally occurs on their own initiative. The problem is when these photos are used to blackmail the victim.

Grooming is one of the biggest risks in technology. It occurs when an adult pretends to be a teenager. The objective is to deceive a minor for sexual, pornographic and even blackmail purposes. Sometimes it happens prior to sexual abuse. It is very important to teach children to be careful when communicating with someone online

Inappropriate content on the internet is dangerous for children. It ranges from pornography to violent viral challenges. There are things that minors should not have access to. They are very influential and at that stage they have difficulty measuring risks. Parents should be aware of information that may harm their children.

Risks to the domestic economy

When it comes to financial risks, identity theft and cyber fraud are very sensitive. On the internet you will find personal information, from our habits to our passwords. We are vulnerable to our information being accessed. No website is infallible so some companies or people can easily obtain our data.

The risks of new technologies are numerous and especially for minors. It is convenient that you understand that the solution is not to prohibit access to them. The important thing is that you teach them to use them responsibly.

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