6 tips and tricks to extend iPhone battery life

Many users have trouble ending the day with battery in your iPhone. There is no choice but to juggle to be able to have autonomy, but we have prepared a series of tips that will help you achieve it. If the battery of your iPhone is not deteriorated, these tips will be very helpful. And also learn how to charge your iPhone well.

6 tips and tricks to stretch your iPhone’s battery

You must always have your iPhone with the latest version of the operating system. To do this, look at the icon Settings> General> Software update. This is very important, because as updates come out, your iPhone’s battery will perform better.

When the battery begins to weaken, when it reaches 20%, you must activate the Low Power mode. Thanks to it, the phone will not show so many notifications or check the mail automatically. To activate it, go to Settings> Battery> Low consumption mode.

A very silly, but totally effective trick is to put the phone in Airplane Mode when you can’t use it. Imagine that you are in the office and they do not let you use your mobile at work. ¿Why don’t you put it in Airplane Mode or just turn it off? To have it on receiving notifications and mail, you better leave it this way and make sure you stretch the battery.

If you use an iPhone with an OLED screen, that is, an iPhone X, iPhone XS, iPhone 11 pro or iPhone 12 Pro and their Max versions, use a Dark Mode. that is, black screen and system backgrounds. The reason is simple, on these screens a black pixel it is a pixel that is not lit.

Also check if you have Bluetooth turned on. If you don’t have a paired device, it doesn’t make sense to have it on. The same with Wi-Fi, if you go through the countryside or the beach it is best to deactivate it.

Disabling the location of apps is another good measure to save battery life. so go to Settings> General> Applications and check to see if any app has the location always activated. Change it to “Allow when using the app” or “Never”. Believe it or not, the location is a real energy sink.

With these simple tricks the your iPhone battery it will have a much longer life. And so you will not have to go to the assault of a socket. And if for whatever reason, your device no longer gives more of itself and you are not going to replace the battery, consider buying an external battery that you can carry when you need it.

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