A minor assaults her mother because she punished him without Internet and without going out

A girl under 15 has been arrested for an alleged crime of mistreatment in the family: he hit his mother when she took the Internet away from him and prevented him from leaving her home, in Malaga, fed up with her daughter’s “compulsive” use of the mobile phone.

The mother turned off the router at midnight, which allegedly sparked the teenager’s backlash. The events took place a few days ago in a neighborhood of the Malaga capital, as reported this Thursday by the SUR newspaper, when the Local police was alerted to a heated argument at a home between a woman and her daughter.

A patrol went to the family’s home and questioned the mother, who told the agents the reason for the dispute: given the compulsive use of her daughter’s mobile phone, and without knowing how to stop the situation, she decided to turn off the router and taking your 15-year-old daughter offline. The young woman apparently reacted disproportionately and began to reproach her for cutting off the Wi-Fi network, rebuking her, insulting her and knocking on the door of one of the rooms in the home, which she finally ended up breaking.

The minor, after the brawl, left home at dawn, around 04:00 hours, without revealing his address. Shortly after she returned home and the Local Police, still present at the home, tried to talk to her, although she was “Uncooperative” and, at times, “challenging”.

When questioned by the agents, the teenager replied that her mother “There was no one to tell him what to do”.

The Police had to come back a second time

After that, and seeing that the daughter seemed to calm down, the agents decided to leave but returned after a new call from mother 20 minutes later, warning that his daughter had become “very aggressive and was afraid that he would hit her.”

The minor had once again insulted her mother, in addition to scratching her arm and slapping her.

The agents, after the young woman will lock herself in her room and lockThey tried to convince her to open up and, when she did, she apparently acknowledged that she had tried to leave her home again and that, when her mother prevented her, they had a struggle.

In view of the facts, local police officers detained her for an alleged crime of mistreatment in the family environment and they made it available to the Prosecutor’s Office.

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