A soccer player arrested for alleged sexual crimes against minors

07/20/2021 at 09:50 CEST

Lio in the Premier League, which he sees as one of his footballers, his identity is not yet known, only that he is 31 years old, he was arrested last Friday for suspected of alleged sexual crimes against minors, as reported by the Daily Mail ‘,’ Mirror ‘and’ The Sun ‘. Greater Manchester Police arrested the player last Friday at his home, which they also searched, and was later released on bail, pending further investigations or evidence: “The police confiscated several items. And he was questioned in connection with very serious crimes.”, as pointed out by the English media after speaking with the authorities.

Away from his club, Everton?

The footballer has already been separated by his club waiting for this whole issue to be resolved.

Although it is not yet possible to determine if he plays for Everton, the Liverpool club posted a brief statement on its website: “We can confirm that we have suspended a player from the first team pending a police investigation. The Club will continue to support the authorities in their consultations and will not make further statements at this time. “

English newspapers have claimed that teammates are very affected For the news.

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