Announcement about the return of Nuestra Belleza Latina

. Univisión will announce the return of Nuestra Belleza Latina: Will it reveal the contestants?

Since Univisión revealed a few months ago the news that in 2021, after three years of canceling the Nuestra Belleza Latina program, the famous reality show would return to the screen, the fans of the contest are in a state of excitement and expectation it has been very big.

And although most of the details about what will be the 12th season of Nuestra Belleza Latina remain under lock and key, we learned that this week, when Premios Juventud will also take place (on Thursday, July 22), Univision will make an announcement. about the reality show.

The production of the program, which carried out castings in a virtual way, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, has not yet revealed who were the girls chosen to contest the crown of Migbelis Castellanos, but we learned that after Premios Juventud there will be news.


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And although the expectation and desire of the followers of the Univisión show, many of them who have shared their emotions through our Facebook page, Nuestra Belleza Latina Hoymismo, which you can join in this link to find out about news from the show and data on previous editions, they are huge, you will have to be patient.

Univision will reveal more information about the return of Nuestra Belleza Latina as the days go by, but we will be attentive to the announcement that will be made this week.
We know that the channel will announce two more personalities that will be part of the show.


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We do not know yet if they will be jurors, reporters, trainers or coach, but there is emotion.

So far what is known about the return of Nuestra Belleza Latina is that the program will begin in September, that one of the jurors is the former Miss Colomba, Daniella Álvarez, who had her leg amputated after suffering a severe infection in her body, but who has become an example of life, strength and inspiration, for the way he has dealt with his disability.


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Likewise, it is known that the spoiled queen of Nuestra Belleza Latina, Alejandra Espinoza, will once again act as host of the show.

Last April, Univisión issued a statement, in which it announced that the virtual casting to compete in the 12th edition of Nuestra Belleza Latina, would end in May.


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“The auditions for the 12th season of” NBL “, whose premiere is scheduled for the fall, have already begun and will continue until May 16,” said the channel in its letter, where they warned that this time the program will continue its fight against stereotypes and will look for a comprehensive winner, regardless of whether or not she has the so-called perfect figure, which incidentally does not exist in a single form, because every woman is perfect just as she is.

“The most recent edition of“ NBL ”in 2018, which Migbelis Castellanos won, was a transformative season that made it a priority to find a talented Latina under the motto“ no sizes, no limits, no excuses ”. This fall “Nuestra Belleza Latina” is looking for its most diverse season, with new faces, outstanding talent and unique challenges, “added Univisión.


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“Nuestra Belleza Latina” aims to find the most talented and driven Hispanics in the United States, who will compete to break the stereotypes of beauty in society. “NBL” is for all women and above all women. She will accompany the contestants in their inspiring experiences and reveal their fears and joys when they represent the true beauty of Latinas, inside and out, ”the channel warned.

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