Army of Thieves: The Snyders confirm that the film will not have zombies

The Zack Snyder franchise on Netflix will not always mean zombies or at least it will not happen that way in Army of Thieves the first individual installment about one of the protagonists of that saga will not feature the undead. Producer Deborah Snyder confirmed this by announcing that the film will have a panel at Comic Con, the virtual edition, this year. The same indicates the poster shared by the popular director.

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Directed by Matthias Schweighöfer, Army of Thieves will tell the story of Ludwig Dieter, the master of safes who in The Army of the Dead – 78% are recruited to recover money from a casino. But don’t expect to see any more zombies in the movie, as the movie itself Deborah Snyder, producer of the film and wife of the director of the original film, has clarified to Uproxx that we will not see them in this story that belongs more to the robbery genre.

It stands on its own, you can see it because it is the story of our box thief. It is also a very sweet and funny movie. It’s set on that same timeline, but it’s not like a zombie movie. It’s more like The Italian Job, but it takes place in a world where zombies exist in America and are causing instability in banking institutions. They are moving money, which gives the perfect opportunity for a robbery.

Dieter was one of the characters that stood out from the original film. In that film he makes it clear that he had never seen a zombie before that mission and in fact he has many problems fighting them with his bat, one of the weapons he has with him. This leads him to hide behind his new colleague, the character of Omari Hardwick. Unfortunately, we all know that he dies trying to prevent Zeus from reaching the loot.

Outside of this, there are not many details about the plot of Army of Thieves. That is going to change very soon, as Snyder himself (300 – 60%, Watchmen, The Watchmen – 65%, Sucker Punch: Surreal World – 24%) revealed that the film will have its own panel at Comic Con, the remote edition of this year, next July 25. That said through Twitter where he also shared the poster of the production, one similar to the original film, but with the legend “More safes, less zombies.”

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This means that if you liked the original film and were left with many doubts, for example about the origin of Zeus or the mysterious robot zombies that fans discovered in the action sequences near the end, there may not be room for many. answers although you never know. After all, it is expected to be a connected franchise.

Army of Thieves It doesn’t have a release date yet, but it is expected to hit Netflix before the end of the year. Until then, can you see The army of the dead On that platform and remember that there is also an anime series based on that film on the way, of which there are not many details yet, but that surely will have the undead for fans of these creatures.

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