Córdoba: They dismantle a criminal gang dedicated to scamming the Internet

The Civil Guard has dismantled a criminal gang in Córdoba dedicated to scam online in what is known as Operation Chameleon. In total there are four people, who could have fraudulently obtained, during a year, more than 130,000 euros. The data had been known since January, which was when the investigations began at the Montilla Civil Guard Barracks.

Apparently a victim had denounced having bought tickets that I had not received and he bought them on a well-known internet buying and selling page. The payment had been made through a bank code that the victim had sent to the scammer and he was able to extract the money at an ATM of a bank in Burgos.

With all this, it has been known that the scammer had used a false identity to gain the trust of the victim. Each of the steps taken resulted in the fraudster using another false identity or the impersonation of another person.

The progress of the investigation allows us to know that these scams were carried out by four people, three of them who lived in the province of Burgos and another in the province of Alicante. In addition to sending bank codes, other forms of payment such as Bizum or Hall Cash and on other occasions bank transfers were also used.

In total and to date, there are 33 misdemeanors of fraud and It may be that this group participated in another 66 crimes, which have taken place in different parts of the Spanish geography. The study of the bank accounts and movements carried out by a dismantled criminal gang in Córdoba dedicated to scamming on the Internet has revealed that more than 130,000 euros have been obtained fraudulently in one year.

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