Cuban woman in Miami denounces the disappearance of two nephews on the island – Telemundo Miami (51)

Devora Díaz has not slept for a week, as her two nephews were arrested during peaceful protests in Cuba last Sunday, Monday and Tuesday.

They are Alejandro Rodríguez and José Ángel Cubas, residents of matanzas

“One of them is the one that started the demonstration in Cuba, he even left a written letter,” he says.

It refers to this poem entitled “My legacy” and written on a cell phone where it says:

At the cry of the crowd my people sing,

Homeland and life, that Cuba can no longer hold,

I will fight for Jovellanos

Even if my legs break me

Today my mambí soul is gigantic

“They are young people who realized the lie, today’s youth no longer believe what Canel says.”

The UN claimed the appearance of 187 protesters disappeared by the dictatorship, although the non-governmental organization Human Right Watch denounced that there are about 400 disappeared as of today.

For its part, the Castro regime called and organized demonstrations with its supporters like this:

While the repressive bodies try to neutralize the anti-government cries with terror

According to the aunt, they do not want a lawyer and they are asking for 30 years, the other was picked up and they are asking for 30 years.

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