Do you have 340 euros left over? Be like the creator of Twitter and buy this watch

This past week the statement was made by video call from Jack Dorsey, founder of Twitter, with the North American Congress. The reason, to know the implication of social networks in false news or fake news during the last electoral campaign in that country. But Jack testified from home and was very interested in showing the congressmen themselves his artifact. It’s about a cryptocurrency watch and that you can buy here.

How is the clock?

With a very simple design and a fairly discreet size, this watch connects to the internet and shows the prices of the main ones in real time. cryptocurrencies that operate on the blockchain network. From Bitcoin to Ether through Litecoin. There are more than 2,000 cryptocurrencies today, in addition to those that are being forged and have not yet come out.

The watch is priced at 399 euros, just under 340 euros, and not only shows the real-time price of these currencies, but also gives the time. In any case, it is also a decorative object, since the price of cryptocurrencies it can be consulted free of charge on the internet.

Dorsey, declared fan of cryptocurrencies

Jack Dorsey’s interest in cryptocurrencies is not new, since he has investments in this type of currency and recently he sold the first tweet in history, his work, for a price of 3 million dollars. For this he used the Ethereum network, a specialist in developing smart contracts or smart contracts.

Currently, Bitcoin reaches a very high price, around 56,000 dollars per unit, about 47,000 euros, and the rest of the currencies move in the shadow of it. Bitcoin was created in 2008 by a person, or group of people who use this pseudonym, called Satoshi Nakamoto. Since then, Bitcoin has suffered a multitude of fluctuations in its price. Both this currency and the rest of the virtual ones, are not subject to inflation. However, they have extreme volatility, changing their price very quickly.

If your desire is to be aware of what these coins cost, you can do like Dorsey. But paying more than 300 euros for an instrument of these characteristics seems more of a whim for those who have money to spare. And there is no doubt that Dorsey is, in fact his fortune is estimated at 5 billion dollars.

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