DuckDuckGo now wants to protect your email

Our privacy is increasingly threatened, and thanks to services like DuckDuckGo we can do to protect it. And it is that they are not only the so famous cookies, there are also other less known tracking systems, some of them practically undetectable for the user, and around which there is a gigantic legal vacuum. There are already some initiatives to try to regulate this point, but for now they can be used with impunity.

It also happens that when talking about privacy we always think about web pages and services, and it is logical, since they are an inexhaustible source of user information, but that should not lead us to neglect other threats that arrive through other channels , and that can also be used to find out a lot about us. A clear example of this is email, which can be terribly more intrusive than we think. A problem that DuckDuckGo wants to solve.

That is why, as we can read on its official blog, DuckDuckGo just launched an email protection service, which aims to do away with tracking features that are used in it. A service that will also be free and that, at the expense of being able to check its operation, can significantly contribute to our being able to preserve at least part of our privacy online.

The service at the moment it is in closed beta phase, and to participate in it it is necessary to register through the DuckDuckGo browser for iOS and Android. In its configuration you will find the entry “Email Autofill Beta” and, when you select it, you will access a section where you can sign up for the waiting list. There are, of course, no deadlines for DuckDuckGo to start granting more access to it. We are talking about DuckDuckGo, so obviously you do not have to provide any information to register.

Its operation is intended to be very simple: DuckDuckGo will offer you an email address @ (This alone is worth registering), which you can configure to sign up for services and receive all kinds of communications. The messages that arrive in said mailbox will be subjected to a cleaning operation, in which all the tracking elements will be eliminated and, once this operation is completed, they will be forwarded to your email account, so that you can open them without any risk.

Additionally, this service it will also allow you to create unique private addresses, which you can use exclusively for certain web pages. In this way, even the address itself will not reveal any information about you.

DuckDuckGo now wants to protect your email 32

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