English club Arsenal will have a fan token on

Arsenal Football Club, one of the most important football clubs in England, announced the launch of its own fan token on the platform, under the name AFC.

According to a statement from the Gunner team, as it is also known, the alliance between both parties, will bring the club’s fans closer together through a series of games, interactive and fun contests each season.

Likewise, fans who acquire fan tokens will be able to participate in the decisions that can be made in the club, through interactive surveys.

Likewise, Arsenal fans will have the possibility of interact with other fans around the world, on the platform.

Another benefit is that token holders will be able to compete against other clubs in global leaderboards. That way they will get benefits, digital and real life experiences related to the Arsenal club, highlights the team with 13 league titles.

With no scheduled release date for the tokens, the Arsenal post notes that all new and existing members of My Arsenal Rewards, a rewards program for club members, have the option to receive a free AFC for a limited time.

It is worth remembering that the fans tokens are developed on the Chiliz blockchain, a platform that specializes in e-sports and crowfunding for video game development.

Holders of the fan token will have real life and digital experiences related to Arsenal.

Arsenal’s commercial director Peter Silverstone commented that “Leads the way” of blockchains in the sports industry.

“When we launch the fan tokens, we will provide our hundreds of millions of fans around the world with more opportunities to interact with the club and be part of our family,” added Silverstone.

To acquire these Arsenal fan tokens, it is necessary to download the application, register and acquire the Chiliz token. This can be purchased on the same platform by credit card or in some exchanges, among which are Binance and Huobi.

Manchester City also moves its pieces with tokens

In the same way that Arsenal, the last champion of the English league, announces it, Manchester City also joined the fan token market, as reported by CriptoNoticias.

City fans enjoy the same benefits as Arsenal fans, with regard to decision-making at the club, competitions, among other advantages.

The Argentine National Team also has its fan token

In the case of Latin America, one of the most recent launches of fan tokens was that of the Argentine Soccer Team, last June.

This media reported that 600,000 ARG tokens that were available on barely 3 hours were sold out, causing the platform to collapse due to high demand.

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