essential tricks to download files faster

BitTorrent technology is currently one of the most helpful to send and receive large files taking advantage of the available bandwidth. Its characteristics have made it a great tool for receive heavy content in a matter of minutes versus traditional methods. And among the most popular clients, uTorrent stands out among the favorites. And what about its renewed version, uTorrent Web. So much so that it is currently the official client of the BitTorrent company itself.

By default, uTorrent offers very high upload and download speeds. Of course, it will depend on your connection and how many people share the file you are downloading. But, in addition, we can always brings some improvement. Of course, the improvements are focused on uTorrent, the classic client for Windows, macOS and Linux. The new version, known as uTorrent Web, is focused on working without you having to touch anything, so you can barely make changes.

So when you go to the official uTorrent page, you can choose between two versions for desktop (Windows, macOS and Linux). Here are several tricks to make the most of what is now known as uTorrent Classic.

Get along with the Windows firewall

One of the problems uTorrent may encounter when downloading files is that windows firewall be so jealous that prevents you from achieving it at the proper speed. This slows down downloads unnecessarily.

uTorrent - uTorrent Web

When installing uTorrent for the first time in Windows, in the installation wizard you will see that the option “Add an exception for uTorrent in the Windows firewall” is checked by default. All in all, once installed you can verify that the firewall is getting along with your BitTorrent client.

You will find that option in Options> Preferences> Connection. In addition to the exception in the firewall, the UPnP port mapping and NAT-PMP port mapping options are also checked by default. Both of these options will help uTorrent get along with Windows security and prevent good speeds.

All bandwidth for uTorrent

On Options> Preferences> Bandwidth we can decide what bandwidth we give to uTorrent. If during the downloads you have to do other tasks that require intensive use of the internet, it is better to add limits.

uTorrent - uTorrent Web

But if you want to prioritize downloads, in that case better leave it as it is. By default, there is no bandwidth limit, so uTorrent will use the maximum available depending on the conditions of each file. Basically, that there are many seeds sharing.

It will also help you to activate the option “Apply speed limit to excess transport”. Thus, when you have shared a file, the upload speed will be reduced to favor the rest of active tasks.

No speed limits for uTorrent

The opposite side to what we have seen before is in Options> Preferences> Limiter. If you need bandwidth for other tasks, like sending messages or making a video call, you may want to limit uTorrent so it doesn’t saturate the connection.

uTorrent - uTorrent Web

In that case, you must activate the option Enable transfer limiter. There you can set limits when uploading, downloading, by size of shared quantity, period of time, etc. But if you have good bandwidth and / or want to prioritize uTorrent, you can do without this option.

What’s more, you can program those speed limitations from Options> Preferences> Planner for specific moments of the day. So you won’t have to change anything when you need bandwidth for other tasks.

Prioritize the most important downloads

If you are downloading two or more files at the same time, uTorrent allows you to prioritize which one is most important to assign more bandwidth. Within the possibilities offered by that file, of course. Something that, for example, you cannot do with uTorrent Web.

By right-clicking on the download in progress, you will find the option Allocate bandwidth. Of the available options, by default mark Normal. Change to high to prioritize that download or Short if you do not urge. You can also set speed limits on that particular task.

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