EXATLON: What happened between Chelly Cantú and Norma Palafox?

Telemundo Chelly Cantú is the first winner of Exatlon USA, and is also a reporter for the fifth season.

After several months of intense emotions, the fifth season of Exatlon United States is approaching its grand finale, in which the audience will meet the man and woman who will receive the last prize and will be crowned as winners of an edition that will remain for the I remember, therefore, something definitive is that everything has happened here too.

It is that when we say that many things have happened, we are definitely not joking; sanctions, expulsions, an affair, endless injuries, a death of a family member, and a lot of pressure, is just one example of what athletes who continue in the competition are experiencing.

The day of July 19

Just five weeks from the end of the competition, each athlete is more and more determined, especially the Famous, who have lost five elements in a row, which translates into a hard blow for the team.

On July 19 there was an individual battle for the medals, with a one-life format only with a marked difference between blue and red, being the Contestants who group more medals with a total of 10, while the reds have 6. The competition had a particularity that little has been seen this season. There were no injuries!

On the girls’ side, Nathy and Palafox ended up in a final duel where Nathy was victorious. Just before this, as is customary, both athletes were interviewed by the host and reporter Chelly Cantú, where the situation got interesting.

What happened between Chelly Cantú and Norma Palafox?

In the interview with both athletes from Team Famosos, Chelly Cantú said the following: “Hey Nathy, what would you do if you win the medal?” and immediately proceeds to say “I believe that if you win it, yes, you are going to win it.” Later Cantú followed with Norma Palafox and said: “Now I ask you the same thing, Normita, what would you do with the medal?”

Norma Palafox was forceful in her response: “No, well, you already said that Nathy won, I don’t have a chance at anything.” In the video that you will see below, they even detail the expression of the norm before this question. Don’t miss it here:


Advance Chapter 149 Exatlon United States GAIN STRENGTH! PALAFOX ANGRY? GENESIS FRUSTRATED? 2021-07-20T01: 51: 50Z

On this situation, the comments of the followers and fans did not wait, ensuring that Chelly Cantú did not do the interview well and had to take care of his words a little more when referring to both athletes. This was said by a fan: Good morning. As always the “interviewer” putting her whole body with her strange questions and affirmations. Until when we are going to endure something unbearable. She knew Natalia an excellent athlete would win the medal. Participants respect each other, especially Ms. Norma Palafox “leader” in effectiveness Production must send her urgently to diction courses. ”

Another follower was clear in assuring that although Cantú is a great warrior, she does not like as a reporter for Exatlon United States: “I have always noticed that Chelly asks many questions that are quite uncomfortable, or out of place; I hope that next season another girl will come who knows how to ask the right questions; Sorry Chelly fans but at least I don’t like it; I love it as a warrior, not as an interviewer !!! “

Either way, Exatlon United States continues at a crucial stage. Forward warriors!

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