FIFA denies that it is testing the ‘new rules’


Act. At 12:47 CEST

After the new proposals for football were unveiled, thus surprising many of the spectators and professionals of the ‘king’ sport, there was a rumor that they were already being implemented in a youth tournament in the Netherlands, but FIFA has been in charge of denying it.

Through a statement posted on their website, they have stated that have no intention of testing these new changes. In turn, as reported, these changes have not been discussed internally.

On the other hand, the tournament would have decided to apply these rules By own decision and without IFAB approval.

This is the statement:

FIFA want to disprove erroneous reports which have circulated in the press in recent days regarding FIFA’s alleged intention to carry out experimental tests of changes to the Laws of the Game in a youth tournament played in the Netherlands “.

“FIFA confirms that currently you have no intention of testing the changes to which these reports refer; likewise, the changes have not been discussed either internally within FIFA or with our IFAB partners. “

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