How to remove bookmarks in Chrome and other browsers

Bookmarks or favorites are very useful in a web browser, especially if it is on the computer that you normally use since you will have easy access to the pages that you visit the most or that interest you the most. If you want to know how remove bookmarks in chrome and in the other browsers, keep reading and take note of the steps to do it in each case.

It is so easy to create a bookmark that sometimes we do not have time at that moment to see a page that interests us, so there comes a day when you have accumulated many bookmarks and surely most of them are no longer interested in having them there.

Steps to remove bookmarks in Chrome and other browsers

Google Chrome: Right-click on any bookmark and select “Delete” from the options. It’s that easy and fast. You can do it from the bookmarks bar itself, from the Bookmarks Manager or from the bookmarks list … many possibilities to find it easily. Be careful as it is an action that will not ask you to confirm, if you give it to delete, it will be deleted at the moment.
Internet explorer: in this browser they are called “Favorites”, and to remove them you must right-click on any favorite and select “Remove”. They can be deleted from the “Favorites” sidebar or from the “Favorites” menu itself.
Edge: if you use this browser, click on the Hub button and then click on the “Favorites” tab to see what you have, you will see that the tab has a star to identify it more quickly. Select the favorite you want to remove, click with the right mouse button and choose “Delete” from the options. If you do this on a folder, all the favorites in it will be deleted, and this happens in other browsers as well.
Firefox: open the bookmarks sidebar and find the one you want to delete, once you find it, select it and click the right button to choose “Delete”. There is a search box to find the bookmark more easily.
Safari: go to the “Bookmarks” menu and select “Edit bookmarks” to open the manager. Press Control + click on the marker you want to delete and choose the “Delete” option.

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