How to teach children to use the internet safely

During these days of lockdown It is normal for all of us, not just children, to spend more hours connected to the internet. In the case of children, we must take special care so that their internet browsing is safe. Let’s see then how to teach children to use the internet safely during confinement.

Internet can be seen as a formidable ‘training ground’ for the information and growth for the little ones. A medium that allows them to learn countless things, and discover a world that will in fact accompany them throughout their lives. A land full of opportunities, but also difficulties so faced with the dangers posed by environment 2.0 and more when it comes to small children, parents must be clear about how the internet should be used so that minors can navigate without any risk.

How to set up the internet for children to use safely during confinement

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Must make young Internet users understand that the web can be a very dangerous medium , which should be used with caution, avoiding providing personal information. Must warn them against people who don’t know each other thoroughly, the modern, high-tech version of the old slogan “don’t accept candy from strangers.”

It’s very important teach them never to provide passwords or personal codes , do not accept anything that comes through the Internet from unknown people. But above all, that never agree to meet in person someone you have met online. Now with confinement, this type of action does not occur as much, but there is a risk that someone will connect with our children and want to see it once the state of alarm passes.

Even parents should implement some precautions. For example, it is good that the computer is located in a room that is easy to control and not in your room. It is also necessary to establish precise rules about the times and methods of use and above all not to let young children enter the Internet without the supervision accompanied by the father or mother. Nor should they enter pages they do not know. So that parents can spend a few hours of this confinement setting up the pages games, videos or entertainment that children want to enter, limiting access to other types of pages.

In fact, it won’t hurt install software that precisely limits access to some sites and to store all the sites visited by the child, in order to have a general control over their online activities. But the most important thing is give our children the maximum attention and affection, navigate and play with them, to avoid that left to themselves, they find the many traps that the network hides.

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