“If we faced each other, I would destroy and tear Gervonta Davis to pieces” ╶ Josh Taylor

(Photo: Supplied)

Gervonta Davis (left) was recently crowned super lightweight champion making a good impression on many people except one, the absolute champion of the division Josh Taylor (right) who by what he said does not look at all impressed:

“If we faced each other he would destroy and tear Gervonta Davis apart, he was being outmatched, he’s a little idiot, he’s not even on my radar. I’m not going to look for him, but he can’t be called 140 champion because there is only one champion and that’s me. That’s what I hate about boxing, there are too many belts, interim belts, super regular and diamond belts, this is a bad joke. “

This server is absolutely in agreement as to the belts, but as to who would win from Taylor and Gervonta that time will tell.

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