Intel leaks Windows 11 release date: October

The release date of Windows 11 is one of the few questions that we still have to know about the new Microsoft operating system. The company did not get its fingers caught in the official presentation and spoke vaguely of availability for Christmas. An Intel document brings it forward to October 2021.

Each release of Windows, with exceptions such as Windows Vista or Windows 8, has been a boost for the sale of hardware, especially when the minimum requirements are modified upwards as in the case of Windows 11 and users cannot jump to the latest version through updates.

In addition, we are in a time where the sale of PCs is pointing well, dragging the pull caused in 2020 by the need for new infrastructure when we had to lock ourselves at home to stop the pandemic. The large PC suppliers are preparing for this and the season from October to the end of the year, adding the ‘back to school’ with Christmas is a favorable period since it is usually the one that registers the most sales of the whole year.

Windows 11 release, October 2021?

This is indicated by the release notes of the latest update of the graphics drivers published by Intel, precisely to support Windows 11. As you will see in the following image, the document indicates the supported operating systems (from Windows 10 of 2018) to the one that qualifies as “October 2011 update” for Windows 11.

It is not a definitive confirmation because Microsoft has not always made the name of the version coincide with the effective date of release and has delayed it on some occasions, but it is one more test that confirms the advancement of the launch of Windows 11 as indicated by some analysts. The truth is that the previous version that is being tested on the Insiders channel is quite stable, although not without errors, and the availability of the final version will ultimately depend on them.

Of course, there are alternatives to Windows 11 and the most ‘natural’ is to continue in Windows 10. A version that will be supported until 2025 and that in a few months will offer the Fall update ‘Sun Valley’ with great news, including some of Windows 11 and that in turn were developed for Windows 10X.

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