Jeff Bezos flies into space today in the New Shepard

Coinciding with the 52 anniversary of the arrival of man on the Moon, the founder of Amazon, Jeff Bezos will take off from West Texas in his spaceship, the New Shepard from the Blue Origin company, this Tuesday at 3:00 p.m. (Spanish time).

The billionaire’s spaceflight company Blue Origin has completed a flight readiness review for its first crewed launch, which will send Bezos and three others into suborbital space. on a historic mission scheduled for 9:00 am EDT, 3:00 pm Peninsular time.

“We have looked at all of the vehicle’s systems, including the hardware, software, procedures and launch crew readiness,” Blue Origin Chief Flight Officer Steve Lanius said during a press conference a few days ago.

New Shepard, ready to fly

Weather conditions are expected to be good by the time of launch, which is the latest salvo in what has been called the “multi-million dollar space race.” It is produced nine days later that Bezos’s space tourism rival, Sir Richard Branson, flew above the Earth in his Virgin Galactic space plane.

How can I watch the launch?

Blue Origin aims for the rocket to take off this Tuesday, July 20. The company will begin coverage of the launch at 7:30 am on its YouTube channel.

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