Jon Lester homered for the Washington Nationals

The veteran pitcher of the Washington Nationals, Jon lester, hit his first home run of the season 2021 of the Big leagues (MLB) and achieved an all-time record for a pitcher.

Through the game Nationals vs Marlins, Jon lester hit home run and added his fourth career four-corner hit in the Big leagues, being a historic hit for a pitcher in the history of the best baseball in the world.

David Hess, colleague of Lester, was the victim of this homerun in the fifth inning to place the game 12-0 in favor of the Nationals, being a massive hit to center field to reach 39 career hits in his career in MLB.

Here’s the home run:

Plus with that home run, Jon lester is the oldest pitcher to hit a home run in the MLB since Bartolo Colón on 5/7/2016, this at 37 years and 193 days old, a hit that will go down in history.

That fourth home run from the pitcher of the Nationals had an exit velocity of 104.5 miles per hour and reached 419 feet, that was his first home run since 2019 in the Big leagues.

Jon lester after that home run he places with the Nationals on the MLB 2021 batting average of .179, with five hits and three RBIs in 28 at-bats.

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