Journalist Abraham Mendoza is murdered in Morelia


The journalist and broadcaster Abraham Mendoza Mendoza was shot to death as he left a gym on Avenida Madero Poniente in Morelia, Michoacán.

The State Attorney General’s Office confirmed that three individuals were detained by the Michoacán Police, as alleged participants in the attack.

This Monday, a shooting attack was reported against a subject in his white car, which was left on the sidewalk in front of number 1581 and when the emergency services arrived, they confirmed the death of the driver and one more injured person, at look like a passerby.

Hours later and according to official versions, it was confirmed that the lifeless man was the communicator Abraham Mendoza, who was the head of local radio and television newscasts.

The event has shocked the Michoacan journalistic union; Political actors have also strongly condemned the murder of the 44-year-old journalist.


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