Justin and Hailey Bieber return from their weekend getaway

After clearing up the pregnancy rumors, Justin and Hailey Bieber return from their getaway to Cabo San Lucas in Mexico.

Justin Y Hailey bieber They return from their weekend getaway. The young couple spends time walking together and their last trip was to Cabo San Lucas in Mexico.

They both enjoyed a fun-filled weekend, accompanied by their manager and friend Scooter braun, in addition to other friends of the couple.

In Cabo, Justin spent time alone on the beach. There he took the opportunity to enjoy the view of the sea, horseback riding and sunbathing.

Meanwhile, Hailey enjoyed the hotel facilities by the pool, wearing a beautiful flowery dress.

The couple took a break and cleared up the misunderstanding that arose from a post by the singer on his Instagram account.

Yesterday, the musician posted a black and white image of the couple during their vacation. In the description of the image he wrote: “mom and dad”, which aroused the interest of his followers.

The media has already begun to investigate whether, finally, the couple who are about to celebrate three years of marriage had taken the next step.

“Hailey is pregnant”, “Baby on the way”, “The Bieber family is growing”, were some of the comments from users who were surprised by the post.

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Like others, they refused to believe that it could be true: “I doubt Hailey is pregnant because she has a lot of career plans and Justin has a tour coming up”They wrote.

Without much ado, the model and wife of Justin Bieber commented: “I think maybe you should change this legend to * Dog, Mom and Dad * before anyone gets confused.”

Thus, accompanied by laughing emojis, Hailey clarified that there is no baby on the way yet.

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