Lighter and with changes

Sony is preparing the launch of a new PS5 Digital Edition, a revision of its well-known next-generation console in its version without an optical drive that has been listed on multiple Japanese websites, and that still remains, in part, a little mystery, since that unfortunately they have not transcended all the changes that will bring that new version.

PS5 Digital Edition is a variant of the standard PS5 which, as most of our readers will know, differs from the one by lack an optical drive. This means that it only allows the installation of games acquired in digital format, and that it is more compact and lighter, since it dispenses with a heavy component and that it takes up a lot of space internally.

Well, the PS5 Digital Edition review will maintain the same approach as the original, although according to the source of the information will be 300 grams lighter than that. We do not know what changes Sony will have made to achieve such a remarkable weight reduction, but it is said that they could be focused on the radiator and the fan. We will have to wait for the first explorations to be able to confirm it.

If your arrival is confirmed for this same month of July, we may not have to wait too long. That new PS5 Digital Edition you have already obtained the necessary certifications to get to market, so if all goes according to plan, we should see it in stores in a few days, at least in theory.

PS5 Digital Edition: Lighter, but no major changes?

That is the question we all have right now. During the last months we have seen so many rumors that pointed to the possible launch of a PS5 with hardware level changes that, now that we are faced with that new PS5 Digital Edition, we cannot help but ask ourselves that question.

As we said at the beginning of this article, have not transcended all possible changes of PS5 Digital Edition internally, so we can not say anything in this sense for sure beyond what we have told you about the radiator and the fan, two components that, in their original conception, left an important margin of maneuver.

We could get carried away and think that that new PS5 Digital Edition will come with a new APU manufactured in 6 nm, and that it will have greater availability, but everything seems to indicate that it will not be so. According to the source of the news, this new console will not bring major changes at the hardware level, and will be limited to introducing minor changes to reduce weight and manufacturing cost.

Sony usually waits a few years to launch the corresponding “Slim” model of its new consoles. PS4 Slim arrived almost three years after the launch of PS4, so it’s sensible to think that PS5 Slim won’t hit the market, at least, until third or fourth quarter of 2023. This version should also be the one that includes that revision of the PS5 APU in the 6 nm process, although by the date on which we would place ourselves I would bet more on the 5 nm process.

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