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Having a suitable mouse can improve productivity dramatically, to the point of helping us in ergonomics and in the comfort of our day to day. So if you are thinking of changing your mouse and want to find a model that suits your needs, we are going to leave you with some Logitech proposals that might be of interest.

Logitech mouse offer

Amazon is offering a large list of deals on models of Logitech With which you can get great discounts on a huge variety of mouse models. Among the options we can find models ergonomic, dedicated to gaming, laptops and very versatile. These are the options that you can buy:

Logitech Pro X Superlight

Logitech Mouse.  Photo:

Logitech Mouse. Photo:

This model stands out for offering wireless connectivity without cables especially dedicated to gamers, since, although wireless models were not usually recommended for gaming (they require the shortest possible response time), this model has Lightspeed technology with response times of only 1 ms. This model has a total of 5 buttons and a total weight of 63 grams.

Buy it for $ 2,209 pesos in

Logitech MX Master 3

Logitech Mouse.  Photo: Amazon.comLogitech Mouse.  Photo:

Logitech Mouse. Photo:

One of the most complete and advanced mice in the Logitech catalog also receives a 50% discount with this spectacular offer that will allow you to get it for only $ 1,149 pesos. It offers an extremely comfortable design, although its forms require that only right-handers can use it.

Buy it for $ 1,149 pesos in

Logitech G G502

Logitech Mouse.  Photo: Amazon.comLogitech Mouse.  Photo:

Logitech Mouse. Photo:

The G502 is a mouse specially designed for gamers, as it has a HERO 16K sensor capable of registering 16,000 dots per inch. In addition, it has compartments to place 4 weights of 2 grams each and another two of 4 grams, thus allowing you to configure the total weight of the device so that you feel comfortable in high-speed movements while you play.

Buy it for $ 1,519 pesos in

Logitech MX Vertical

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Logitech Mouse.  Photo: Amazon.comLogitech Mouse.  Photo:

Logitech Mouse. Photo:

If what you are looking for is total ergonomics that allows you to work comfortably and avoid all kinds of possible, your option is the vertical MX. You may think that it is a too strange and uncomfortable mouse, but the truth is that once you get used to using it, it is basically the most comfortable and ergonomic design that you can use, since it adjusts to the natural position of our wrist.

Buy it for $ 869 pesos in

Logitech Pebble M350

Logitech Mouse.  Photo: Amazon.comLogitech Mouse.  Photo:

Logitech Mouse. Photo:

And if, on the contrary, what you want is a model that you can carry perfectly in your pocket or in any internal compartment of a backpack. We are therefore facing an extremely portable model that will be great for travelers and those who always carry a computer on their shoulders. It is a model that is extremely cheap thanks to the 46% discount that it enjoys at the moment.

Buy it for $ 279 pesos in

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