Loki: ISSSTE invites you to wear the mask with the message: “Be your responsible variant”

The last few weeks have been spectacular for fans of Marvel Studios, all thanks to Loki – 96%, Disney Plus series that surprised us with its season finale and opened a whole new era for the next years of the MCU. The Institute of Security and Social Services for State Workers takes advantage of the popularity of the series to send a message about the use of masks to the entire population. Any effort that encourages respect for prevention measures against Covid-19 deserves to be heard. In the following paragraphs we discuss all the details.

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Throughout its first season, Loki was in charge of developing the “variant” concept, a figure coming from an unwanted branch in the main season line. The Temporal Variation Authority was in charge of hunting down and neutralizing all variants for a long time to avoid chaos, however, it was the actions of Loki, but mainly Sylvie that have unleashed the new disaster in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. (Or multiverse?).

Faced with the third wave of Covid-19 in Mexico, the ISSSTE invites the public to wear face masks and to be the “responsible variant”. Through social networks he has shared an alternate version of Miss Minutes using the indispensable tool together with the following message: “Using the mask correctly I am the responsible variant. This is how the sacred timeline wanted it.” We cannot deny that this is an ambitious initiative, as it takes advantage of the current trend with Loki and uses it to send a stimulating idea to the receivers. Nobody wants to be the undesirable variant … Does that mean that we live in an alternate reality to the original or main one?

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The image of the alternative Miss Minutes was shared on the ISSSTE networks and is achieving special popularity on Twitter and Instagram, with not a few users posting comments such as: “Oh, my beautiful Mexico” or “-And the health ministry is would it be in your country? -Well … ”We’ll see if Marvel Studios or Disney turn their eyes and make a comment to the institution regarding their latest anticovid campaign. The good reception that Loki has had among Mexican Disney Plus users will definitely be influential in the impact of the ISSSTE message.

Although the first season of Loki ended with an unexpected cliffhanger, the second has already been confirmed by Marvel Studios and will soon begin pre-production. We now know that the multiverse has been opened and that Kang is here to stay. The cute and good-natured version seen in the final chapter was eliminated by Sylvie in a fit of anger and the consequences will come soon, for everyone, including the Avengers. It is clear that the reaches will be seen in Spider-Man: No Way Home and Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness; Our favorite superheroes will have to gather strength to fight the next cosmic threat that will surely put existence itself in danger.

Spider-Man: No Way Home It is intended to be the next Marvel Studios project with serious implications for the multiverse. Fans have been waiting for her for a long time and she promises to have incredible actors who will return to play characters that are now classics. Amazing moments await fans of superhero movies with Marvel Studios and all thanks to Sylvie, enough with the hate towards her character.

The second season of Loki It does not have a release date yet. The names of the new director and screenwriter have not been confirmed either.

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