Lolita Ayala was left with the desire to act with Cantinflas

Currently, Lolita Ayala has given a turn to her career, since she recently launched as a businesswoman and has even been an icon on social networks, as new generations recognize her for her viral video when her throat closed during her newscast.

Despite his extensive career in the media, there is a stage in his life that very few know about, such as when he refused to participate in a movie with Cantinflas.

“When Channel 8 merged with Telesistema Mexicano, I was on Channel 8 and I was going to start a news program called En punto, with Ruiz Healy. When the merger came they took us to Telesistema and made us choose what to do. We wanted: if news or being a driver. Cantinflas invited me to make a movie and Emilio Azcárraga (Milmo) did not let me, he told me: ‘Or news or cinema?’ “he said.

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