Marvel Premiere comic review. Avengers 1 The Final Host

cover marvelpremier avengers # 1

Original edition: FCBD The Avengers 2018 and The Avengers 1-6
Departure date: 10 Jun. 2021
Script: Jason Aaron
He drew: Ed McGuinness
Format:Soft cover. 160 pps.
Price: € 11.00

Panini Comics offers us another jewel in the Marvel Premier collection, in this case it is Jason Aaron’s First Avengers Arc. An opportunity to see what this magnificent screenwriter is capable of with the most powerful heroes on earth together with a great cartoonist such as Ed Mcguinnes, author of Batman / superman: public enemies (to his credit). Two great of the world the comic behind the controls of one of the most important collections of the Marvel Universe, almost nothing.

Black Panther is summoned to a meeting with the Father of all, Odin to tell him that a threat has been released that the very god, together with the most powerful heroes on the planet, thousands of years ago stood up: The Host, a group of celestials capable of destroying planets by snapping their fingers. Meanwhile, a meeting is taking place between the three heavyweights of the most powerful Heroes on Earth: Tony Stark, Steve Rogers and Thor Odinson with the aim of reuniting The Avengers.

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interior marvelpremier avengers # 1_3interior marvelpremier avengers # 1_3I have to say that we are facing a more than interesting volume, mainly due to its protagonists and as The scriptwriter carries the narrative rhythm like a magnificent movie. We are taking the typical steps of great adventure where we see how evil is explained to us, the group meets, its first confrontation against the villains and discover who is behind pulling the strings. The rhythm is maintained from beginning to end making the reading very enjoyable and not at all exhausting, there are 160 pages that you read flying, it shows that Jason was released from the individual collection of the God of thunder and the visual magic of Mcguinnes make a combination magnificent. It’s funny how Aaron takes classic characters to make a new and interesting story. as Mr. Stan Lee would have said: Excelsior !!!

At the level of characters, I have to admit how superb Aaron has to distribute the times between the characters so well, even divide them into groups to diversify the plot, that is, we have a group that is exploring the location where the Host (Black Panther and Doctor Strange) the main trio of the founding Avengers (IronMan, Cap and Thor) and other groups that I will not cite so as not to spoil more of the history, but Jason Aaron’s work is amazing.

interior marvelpremier avengers # 1_1interior marvelpremier avengers # 1_1To level artistic, McGuiness is at a brilliant time in the collection. a very smooth stroke and magnificent designs of the characters except for Hulka that I see too big for my taste, instead the Cap is Chris Evans nailed and makes some designs of the villains with details, at least I had not seen the Celestials with such a level of detail. On the negative side, note that the cartoonist always uses the same type of face for all the characters, it varies in width but the scheme is always the same, whether it is a woman or a man. However, it is a negative aspect that does not spoil the story at all. The poses of the heroes are beautiful and recall the most classic eras of the supergroup.

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In conclusion of what this volume would be, its great success is the combination of a good addictive story together with a group of superheroes each, as they say: “from their father and mother” who must get along to win. The interactions between each other in addition to their own personal motivations are taken care of in detail and each one with a well-defined identity, all this helped by a very 90s art such as that of Mcguinnes, a traditional drawing that never goes out of style. To say that this volume is self-conclusive And if you want to do a tasting or try the collection, it is a highly recommended option for a more than affordable price. A must-have tome for fans of Jason Aaron and the Avengers.

You can purchase “Marvel Premiere. Avengers 1 ”here.

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