Marvel will have an animation branch to make more animated content

Capture of the official trailer for What If ...?  (2021)

A few days ago the news came that Marvel Studios could be working on more animation projects beyond the imminent “What If …?” That news came secondarily through a company employee, who alluded to other Marvel animated content. Now the news is made official by one of the main directives of Marvel Studios.

The producer Victoria Alonso, vice president of Marvel Studios, announces that they are taking steps forward to do other Marvel animation projects. In other words, the animated series “What if …?” (“What if …?”) That arrives in August is not more than the first of more animated contents.

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The studio is so committed to this idea that they are even going to dedicate their own division within Marvel Studios. Obviously everything has a small dimension at the moment, but it would not be surprising if it is scaled little by little if it is an area that is working.

We’re going to have our animation branch and our mini studio, and there will also be more things that will come out of there. We are super excited about animation, which is my first love.

Obviously this would replace the work that had been done from Marvel Television, a division of Marvel Entertainment that from time to time brought us some kind of animation. Alonso makes no allusion to how this structure would look, but taking into account that Marvel Television is already part of Marvel Studios, it would not be surprising that there is some kind of restructuring in that sense.

Alonso has also confirmed in this interview for Variety that there are “some other series” that will come out before the end of the year, including both “Ms. Marvel “and” Hawkeye. ” It is true that these two series have always been placed within the 2021 release schedule on Disney +, but the tight schedule of dates has always made fans doubt whether the premiere of both series would end up being possible in 2021.


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