Montoya finished eighth and calderón eleven in the 6 hours of monza hamilton won the 2021 england gp

Colombian pilots Juan Pablo Montoya and Tatiana Calderón, both registered in the LMP2 category, disputed the 6 Hours of Monza, the third scoring date of the FIA ​​WEC World Endurance Championship that took place on Sunday July 18 at the Italian circuit.

Juan Pablo Montoya and his DragonSpeed ​​USA teammates, Henrik Hedman and Ben Hanley, started from box 3 of the category but problems at the beginning of the competition put them at the back of the grid and in the end they managed to ascend some positions in the general to finish eighth overall Y sixth among the LMP2. They also added a second place among the ProAM, teams that have an amateur driver in their lineup.

Montoya and Calderón in the 6 Hours of Monza 2021

For their part, Tatiana Calderón and Sophia Floersch, commanding the Richard Mille Racing Team # 1 car, did a good job, they were the only crew in the category with only two drivers in their lineup. Tatiana drove 4 shifts and Sophia 5, with 93 and 105 laps, respectively, finishing the race in eighth position in the LMP2 class and eleven in the general classification of the event.

For the Colombian teams, the 6 Hours of Monza was an important test that allowed them to measure different variables for the maximum test of the year of the WEC, the 24 Hours of Le Mans, which will be run on August 21.

The number 7 Toyota GR010 Hypercar driven by Mike Conway, José María López and Kamui Kobayashi won the 6 Hours of Monza.

Hamilton and Verstappen at the 2021 British GP

Hamilton and Verstappen at the 2021 British GP

Hamilton won the British GP amid controversy

The British Mercedes driver returned to the top of the podium and closed the gap that Verstappen had taken in the general classification. Now he was 7 points behind the Red Bull rider and as this time Bottas also got on the podium, in third place, there was also a sum of points for the constructors’ world championship.

Results British Grand Prix 2021

Results British Grand Prix 2021

However, this victory was involved in controversy because from the beginning of the race, on the first lap, Verstappen, who started from the first position, tried to protect his place with a Hamilton in pursuit until in a curve, with Verstappen on the outside and Hamilton on the inside, the latter colliding with the front of his car the rear wheel of the Red Bull driver’s car, which caused him to go ‘thrown’ against the barrier at very high speed so Verstappen, although he left Unhurt, he had to be referred to a medical center.

Results British Grand Prix 2021

Results British Grand Prix 2021

The organization of the race then punished Hamilton with 10 seconds and a red flag was decreed but the controversy remained in the air as the opponents of the British pilot demanded a greater sanction for unsportsmanlike behavior and dangerous driving, while other specialists called the maneuver of a normal race incident between two drivers who ‘fight’ for the title and in which neither is going to ‘give away’ anything.
All in all, and with Hamilton serving his penalty, he managed to overtake LeClerc de Ferrari with two laps to go for his first win of the season.

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