More than 100 covid patients were admitted to the General Hospital Tláhuac this weekend

MEXICO CITY.- Mexico City is experiencing the third wave of covid-19 infections. Hospitalizations are rapidly increasing. During the weekend more than a hundred people with covid symptoms were admitted to the el ISSSTE General Hospital of Tláhuac.

My son was infected because he works in the film industry and all his colleagues, approximately 10, were also infected, during Saturday and Sunday they reported my son with low oxygenation, but today fortunately and thank God, he improved, and immediately They temporarily discharged him because it was urgent for them to occupy the space that my son had, for all the sick people who are arriving, so even though he is positive at this moment and can infect, we are going home, “shared Blanca Rodríguez.

Visibly exhausted, walking slowly, Israel, who already has the first dose of the AstraZeneca vaccine and is a carrier and source of contagion of covid-19, takes Blanca Rodríguez – her mother – by the hand to retire.

After a long day at work, I started to feel like a ‘claw’ in my throat and then like I had the flu, I thought it was normal because I worked in the upper part of the Ajusco, that was 10 days ago, then I noticed that I did not I could breathe well, I spoke with my colleagues and two were already hospitalized, with many problems walking, I came to the Hospital with my mother, to do the test, and I came out positive, but my symptoms were already advanced, that’s why they admitted me, “commented Israel. before getting into a taxi.

Israel told Excelsior how those days were during his stay in the covid area of ​​the General Hospital ISSSTE Tláhuac.

They are eternal minutes that seem like hours, everything is uncertain when you enter the covid area because you see people with support fans to breathe, you immediately think that you will be the same in a few hours and possibly you are going to die. The care is very good, but the uncertainty kills you, I saw several people die and I only thought about my family, “said Israel, positive for covid-19.

Israel is married and has two children that he will not be able to see until he tests negative for covid, specialists recommended that he stay isolated for 21 days.

Olivia Olmedo, also left the General Hospital of Tláhuac: her mother was hospitalized for 11 days.

They had already given both vaccines and my dad, but even with all that they got infected. My dad was the one who started with all the symptoms and then everyone else started, we were reflecting on where they were infected and possibly it was in the store or the supermarket, in total there are 4 infected. During the days that I have been watching my mother, I have had to see people go out in floats, people think that this pandemic has already passed and it turns out that it is the same or worse than before, “said Olivia Olmedo, a relative of a covid patient .

Francisco, who is part of the administrative staff of this hospital located in the Tláhuac mayor’s office, commented that they are about to overflow due to the increase in infections.

During the weekend we could not cope, the covid area is about to overflow, we registered 100 new people, the problem is that few hospitals are receiving infected patients, that is affecting us and we are nowhere near no receive more for lack of capacity; Today, Monday, we registered 25 people with covid-19 from 7 in the morning to 7 at night, “he said.

There are currently only 4 covid hospitals in Mexico City: Enrique Cabrera, the Ajusco Medio, General de Tláhuac and the Cuautepec temporary unit.

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