Nightclubs reopen doors in England amid increased infections

ENGLAND. After a year and a half of pandemic, some people prefer to continue with health measures, to avoid risks of contagion by COVID-19. However, after the reopening of nightclubs, there are those who went out to have fun with family or friends.

Without social distancing, or the mandatory use of face masks, English women and men attended nightclubs, where seating was no longer regulated, to dance, sing, drink and forget about quarantine times.

Override restrictions, part of Boris’ strategy

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced through a post on Twitter that lifting the restrictions is part of the last lapse of English strategy, after resisting 16 cloistered months.

The “Day of Freedom”, as some call the reactivation of entertainment venues, in addition to resuming international travel, including the 140 countries that comprised, is too hasty an action, from the perspective of epidemiologists and staff of health.

Despite being one of the European countries that have given the dose to more people in a shorter time, with 53 percent of people with the complete vaccination scheme and 15 percent of the population, with at least one injection, according to the data of Our World In Data; infections have increased 46 percent in the last three weeks.

Even Boris Johnson remains in isolation after Health Minister Sajid Javid tested positive for the virus on Saturday July 17, 2021. However, the plan to end the restrictions continued.

The delta variant

The increase in infections due to a new variant is another factor that worries experts, once people begin to meet without following sanitary measures, since in England, about 90 percent of cases correspond to the delta .

One of the characteristics of the delta variant is that it propagates at a higher speed. On the other hand, the symptoms are very similar to those of the cold, which can make it difficult to identify infected people.

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