PL4NETS is back, the solidarity days of healthy habits of the Gasol Foundation


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A few months after the outbreak of COVID-19, and being aware of how confinement could affect the health habits of children and adults around the world, Pau Gasol launched last year, together with the Gasol Foundation, the international solidarity congress PL4NETS. This initiative aimed to generate knowledge and awareness about the importance of following a healthy lifestyle, as well as to give advice to be able to put it into practice in the complex context of the health crisis. A year later, the childhood obesity pandemic and the COVID-19 pandemic continue to threaten the healthy habits of the population, so the Gasol Foundation, whose mission is the fight against childhood obesity, restarts the healthy days PL4NETS.

The first edition of the event was a great success in which they participated, among others, Fernando Alonso, Carolina Marín, Rafa Nadal, Ona Carbonell, Valentín Fuster Y Joan Roca, who brought their experiences, knowledge and reflections on healthy habits to the entire population. From September 27 to 30, the second edition of PL4NETS is held that takes off with more force since this year, as a novelty, the PL4NETS challenges are incorporated, with which to put into practice, in the month of October, everything learned in the healthy days.

“Healthy habits have a fundamental impact on people’s health and especially on the development of children. We want PLANETS to be a reference conference, where anyone can acquire knowledge, skills and tools that allow them to incorporate healthy habits into their day to day & rdquor ;, he commented Pau Gasol. ” We have the climate, the security, the natural environment, the unbeatable gastronomy, and we want to do everything in our power to place ourselves at the forefront of countries in the world in promoting healthy lifestyles. & Rdquor;

The healthy days par excellence

With this objective in mind, the Gasol Foundation has organized an event that is divided into four days, one for each of the pillars of healthy lifestyle habits; all of them with top-level experts, disseminators and personalities who will share their knowledge and reflections with the attendees and the rest of the participants.

PL4NETS starts the Monday, September 27 and will run until September 30th. Some of the already confirmed speakers are Pau Gasol, president of the Gasol Foundation, and swimmer Teresa Perales; the chef Juan Llorca; dietitians-nutritionists Gabriela Uriarte Y Aitor Sanchez; Professor of Epidemiology and Public Health at the Universities of Alcalá and Johns Hopkins Manuel Franco; The doctor. Juan Antonio Madrid Pérez, from the University of Murcia; or the psychologist Patricia Ramirez.

A second edition full of news

This year PL4NETS wants to open up even more to the general public: parents, education and health professionals, students, researchers, experts and anyone who may be interested in how to incorporate healthy habits into their day-to-day life. And it is that the great novelty of this year is that the inscription to PL4NETS it is free, reinforcing its vocation to promote healthy lifestyle habits.

The component solidary It remains in the second edition of the healthy days, since it will be possible to collaborate with the Gasol Foundation programs through a voluntary donation. All the profits obtained will go to the projects for the prevention of childhood obesity aimed at families in vulnerable situations of the Pau and Marc Gasol foundation.

The appointment remains online, to facilitate the participation of the speakers, and make talks, conversations and roundtables accessible from anywhere in the world. This year the event will take place entirely in SpanishTherefore, it maintains its international character by opening up to the Spanish and Latin-Spanish-speaking public. In addition, new faces will be added to this edition, both from the field of nutrition, sleep, sport and emotional well-being, who will participate together with other speakers who were already there last year.

Another novelty is the already mentioned PL4NETS Challenges, which will take place in October, after the conference, and that add a practical component to the event.

This second edition is also joined by sponsors such as the pharmaceutical company Novo Nordisk, which becomes the main partner of the event through the Gold category, the manager GPF Capital in the silver category, and Santander (bronze).

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