PlayStation 4 is the new target of cryptocurrency “farmers”

07/20/2021 at 4:24 PM CEST

Earlier this month, a group of Ukrainian police intervened what appeared to be a cryptocurrency mining operation using thousands of PS4 consoles to mine cryptocurrencies. Finally, more things are being known on the subject. As Engadget clarifies, the consoles (and the allegedly stolen electricity) were actually being used to grow and sell coins and digital accounts for EA’s FIFA games.

The consoles were running bots to play FIFA and automatically earn in-game currency. Players can use FIFA Coins in Ultimate Team (FUT) mode to randomly find the Most Wanted players or buy them from a market. This mechanic has been highly controversial for promoting gambling.

Although buying or selling coins Real money FIFA is against EA’s policies, that hasn’t stopped the burgeoning black market for this digital currency. People sell coins or game accounts packed with this unique currency to players who are desperate to build a Fifa Ultimate Team that is second to none.

The Ultimate Team modes in EA sports games are hugely important to the company’s bottom line, earning them more than € 1 billion a year. Namely, they are EA’s main source of money.

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