Quentin Tarantino is depressed by streaming movies

One of the inevitable changes that the pandemic brought to the world of cinema is the great streaming premieres. Before it would have been unthinkable that films like The Suicide Squad or Black Widow – 87% will be released at the same time on streaming services and in cinemas. So in 2020 COVID-19 arrived. Due to the new reality unleashed by the virus, large movie chains had to be closed throughout the world.

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The main result of this is that Disney concluded that certain films would be released as Disney Plus exclusives, as was the case with Soul –

97%, and others in simultaneous premiere in cinemas and streaming services. This last strategy was also used by Warner, a company that one day decided that its big premieres of 2021 would be released in that way.

The studios saw this strategy as a way to survive in the new world and also as a way to test the waters in which theaters recover. It is the type of cold strategies that were developed with the pandemic and that objectively speaking work. Of course, they do not take into account the feelings of those involved in making the films, who wanted their great productions to be seen on the biggest screens.

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Needless to say, many directors, actors, producers, and others were angered by the news of the simultaneous releases. Today we can add another to that list: Quentin Tarantino himself. You have to remember that for your luck Once upon a time in … Hollywood – 94% was released in 2019, just a few months before all the cataclysm unleashed on this world. So he said in a recent podcast appearance ReelBlendby CinemaBlend. He celebrated the fact of working with Sony, who by not having a streaming service has not been doing that and in itself having narrowly saved his last film being released in 2020. For the director, the current panorama of simultaneous releases is depressing :

I think it’s depressing. I am happy to work with Sony, who does not do that. They have not decided to take that route. But that really only makes me think of 2019, which is when we released Once Upon a Time in Hollywood. That really makes me think, wow, me, Joker and 1917, it’s like we were birds that managed to fly through a window just as it was slamming shut. And our tail feathers were practically ripped off with the blow. We managed to get out on time.

The truth is that this comment to some may sound a bit like it was in the line of people who said they were saved from being in the Notre Dame fire because it was a few months before it happened. Let us remember that the movie of Tarantino It premiered in the summer of 2019. The thing is that in the world of cinema a couple of delays could have led to its release in 2020.

On the other hand, among the directors who suffered because their films were released in streaming we have Adam Wingard:

This was my first big movie, a great opportunity. More than that, this is a movie that is meant to be seen on the big screen. If any movie is that, it’s Godzilla vs. Kong. If you want to fill the screen size, this is the one you have to display. I was depressed, upset, sad. It took me a while to work out the details.

Another director who was very vocal in his disagreement with this decision was Christopher Nolan:

Some of our industry’s biggest filmmakers and biggest movie stars went to bed the night before (December 3) thinking they were working for the best movie studio and woke up to find they were working for the worst streaming service. .

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