realme points to tablets with a proposal very similar to the iPad

The realme tablet would be similar to Apple’s proposal, but with four speakers, more leading cameras and a hole for the optical stylus.

The world has changed in these last 12 months, there is no doubt, but nobody expected the resurgence of tablets after all? Well, against all odds and sheltered from confinements and telecommuting, it seems that the tablet market is growing again for now only with Samsung and Apple in a battle which nobody has signed up for in years.

However, these good sales figures have encouraged other players, and if OnePlus is already working on its own tablet, now it is another of the manufacturers of its most direct competition that points to a new generation tablet, because realme could launch very soon a proposal very similar to the iPad also quite ambitious, at least from what our colleagues from Android Authority tell us.

An aesthetic very similar to that of Apple, which with its iPad is the undisputed queen in this market.

Not in vain, it is that not only the design would be careful to the millimeter to offer a versatile device, well aimed at the most business environments, but would also be included in its list of hardware up to four speakers and a very prominent rear cameras, adding to all this native support for an optical stylus that, very carefully, would be perfectly integrated into the body of the hypothetical realme Pad.

The course 2021 will not only encourage smartwaches and folding mobiles, because tablets are also growing again and, always according to Chinese sources, they are preparing to receive the first units of OnePlus and realme.

OnePlus could be working on its first tablet

Realme Pad, all we know

For now, it will be time to take all these details with tweezers and put them in quarantine, and that is there is no confirmation from realmeNeither in China nor in Europe that your tablet is in development and is due to arrive in the next few weeks or months.

In any case, the Chinese leakers have given us many details, such as these first recreations that illustrate the article along with quite juicy information, which begins by revealing a 10.4 inch screen embedded on a casing with many bezels, which would reach up to 246.1 x 155.8 x 6.8 millimeters being large, but very thin. It would be released in dark gray and silver colors, It seems that with metallic materials both in the back and in its frames.

The power button would be located in the upper frame, curious, with the volume button in the upper right next to a slot that could well integrate memory expansion or nano-SIM reader for 4G or 5G connectivity.

realme Pad, filtered

The grooves in the body for the four stereo speakers, in addition to a prominent camera on the back that would indicate its very capable conception when it comes to serving multimedia or entertainment tasks.

And not only that, because a small gap on the left edge makes Chinese sources think that will have an integrated stylus inside its housing in true Galaxy Note style, raising the level of its productive capabilities.

Little more, for now, well the most important aspects of your hardware platform are unknown nor when it could be available, what versions will arrive or at what prices. Yes they tell us from China that realme is designing it with “entertainment first” in its catchphrases, so we will have to wait to see what they propose to us from the brand that grows the most in our markets in the entire history of the mobile industry.

The tablet market grows for the first time in years, with Samsung and Apple alone in the front

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