Sammy Pérez has not died but is seriously hospitalized for Covid-19, confirms representative – .

A couple of days ago it was reported that Sammy perez, a well-known Televisa actor, was hospitalized due to a Covid-19 infection at the age of 55. Social networks were filled with the conversation on the subject and some rumors about his death began to appear. A new report from Noticieros Televisa confirms that Sammy has not died and that he is still intubated by complications of the disease. In the following paragraphs we discuss all the details.

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Sammy perez He became famous in the 1990s thanks to his appearances on Televisa shows. It is said that he comes from a vulnerable situation and that he was discovered by Eugenio Derbez at that time, who took him to his program, XHDBZ, to take a secondary role alongside Miguel Luis, another popular figure of the time. Sammy became a recurrent in Eugenio’s projects as extra comic relief and even worked alongside his colleague for the humorous segments of the Olympics. In a short time, he became a notable fame and became a well-known face in the offices of Televisa.

Eugenio Derbez also worked with Sammy perez in Refunds are not accepted – 55%, a film in which the protagonist of The P. Luche Family makes his directorial debut. In more recent years, Sammy Y Miguel Luis They continue to work on their own, either on YouTube or in some programs affiliated with Televisa, however, July surprised the actor with a positive contagion by Covid-19 that was complicated and has ended up in the hospital.

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The Televisa report shares the statement of Evolutio Pro, a company representing Sammy Pérez:

It circulates on social networks that Sammy has already passed away, which is not the case. It is still delicate. Do not listen to media that only want to attract attention or gain followers. We are in a very delicate moment, the family is also affected. Any information that comes out of this page is official, believe me that we only post something when we contact the doctor and the family and later we keep you updated.

The family of Sammy perez is asking for donations through social media because the treatment is proving too expensive. The actor’s recovery is still slow but his people trust that he will come out ahead. For its part, the representative company believes that it is “on the tightrope” but that it is still alive and that only they will truthfully report the development of the situation.

Until now, the status of the relationship between Sammy perez Y Eugenio Derbez, now a Hollywood star who gave the former a chance on the big screen to shine with his talent. The actor from Dora and the Lost City – 86% have not commented on the matter on social networks, so any information on the health status of Sammy It will be revealed through Evolutio Pro and Televisa. The pandemic continues to be lethal in Mexico and the nine third wave proves it, we wish you Sammy speedy recovery.

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