Social media users compare Jeff Bezos’ rocket launch to Austin Powers scene

This Tuesday, the founder of Amazon, Jeff bezos, considered the richest person in the world, made history by making his first trip to space aboard the New Shepard spacecraft, which comes from the aerospace company Blue Origin, which is also owned by the businessman. In recent months, a lot has been said about this trip, due to its magnitude, however, now that it has happened, many people have filled social networks with comparisons between Bezos’ takeoff and a scene from the Austin Powers movie: The Seductive Spy – 51% (via

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Now, before talking about the comparisons between these unique events, it should be clarified that the founder of Amazon did not actually travel to space, but that he and the other crew of the New Shepard rose to about 65 miles above the ground for their trip. . During the journey, which lasted 11 minutes, the crew members experienced three minutes of lack of gravity.

Despite the above, Bezos did make history, as he has been one of the men without aerospace preparation who has gone the furthest. A journey similar to this took place earlier this month when Virgin’s Richard Branson took a tour, however he did not rise as high as the world’s richest man. Now, although this trip undoubtedly gives a lot to talk about in different areas, people have found an amusing similarity to a scene from the popular 90s movie, Austin Powers: The Seductive Spy.

And it is that people on social networks noticed some similarities between the New Shepard and Dr. Evil’s rocket that he launched from his secret lair on the mountain in the Austin Powers film, specifically, users mentioned the similarity between the phallic design of both rockets, which, by the way, was hilarious in the movie.

As expected the reactions began to reach social networks and many cited that Austin Powers is now real thanks to the launch of Blue Origin. The similarities between the two ships are best appreciated when viewing the distant photographs of the New Shepard launch, although some of the features are not as similar when viewed up close.

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Here are some of the funniest reactions and comparisons on Twitter:

Life is Austin Powers now.

We’re all living in an Austin Powers movie right now … #JeffBezos #BlueOrigin

Blue Origin vs Austin Powers spaceship … at least Richard Branson had an original design when he went into space last week

As a person who grew up knowing every word of Austin Powers, I’m having that scene replayed in my head over and over and over again.

With the launch of the New Shepard, Blue Origin joins an increasingly competitive space racing market as Virgin Galactic de Richard Branson has already had a successful launch and SpaceX of Elon musk he has also done his thing. It will be interesting to see if adjustments will be made to the rocket design now that Austin Powers has dominated the conversation.

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