Some headphones that surprise for price and performance

Buy some cheap wireless headphones it does not have to be at odds with quality. Currently there are numerous manufacturers that offer very coherent and inexpensive proposals. In an age when wired headphones are taking a back seat, the benefits of wireless make it possible to enjoy your audio content without sacrificing features.

The proposal of this manufacturer and its cheap headphones

Ugreen is well known for manufacturing a number of technological products intended to serve as accessories. These headphones are the revision of a previous model that they released last year. I decided on this model to look for headphones at a good price to do sports.

The headphones Ugreen HiTunes T2 They are presented in earbuds format, very reminiscent of Apple AirPods. These headphones are very well presented, along with the instruction manual and the charging cable, which adopts the USB C format.

When you take the earbuds out of their charging case they are slightly larger than the AirPods, but they are very similar and offer a good in-ear experience. Perhaps for those people who have the small auditory pinna does not fit well, But to tell the truth, a standard-size ear holds the headphones perfectly.

Taking them out of the box and plugging them in

I had some doubts as to whether the process of pairing the headphones with an iPhone is going to be straightforward. To tell the truth, the phone songs the first time. You just have to press the button on the outside for a few seconds out of the box and link them to your phone. This process, any headset, you only have to do it the first time.

How do you hear these headphones?

For their price, which is around € 40 on Amazon and a little less on AliExpress, these headphones provide a great listening experience. Maybe the tendency is to give a sound somewhat loaded with medium frequencies, which is common for headphones in this price range.

One thing is surprising about this proposal, is that the headphones have noise cancellation, which allows you to quite clear listening and without interference. It is not usual to find a noise cancellation that works also in this range.

The headphones also have microphones to be able to answer an incoming phone call while you have them on, and the times that I have had to use it, it has not generated any kind of inconvenience, since I was heard well and I could hear my interlocutor perfectly.

With these headphones you can follow practically the same sequence as the AirPods to access various functions. You can go from one song to another providing three taps on one earphone, hang up a call, access Siri services …

In short, a good purchase proposal is that of these Ugreen HiTune T2, ideal and you are looking for some cheap wireless headphones that offer good benefits and do not disappoint.

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